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If you were required to answer this question during your college exam, there is a high probability that it was a test question with multiple answer options or even an essay. However, answering this question for a business manager in a professional everyday life is even more challenging than for a college senior in a mid-term paper.

While sales synergies may seem more straightforward and easy to identify, marketing synergies are often not so obvious. For long time, sales performance has been considered more “numbers-driven”, while marketing has enjoyed a reputation of being a more “creative” function.

Nevertheless, the situation…

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Consumer behavior experiences a massive shift from academic research to the business world. Marketing professionals use some of the academic findings by incorporating them in numerous campaigns and promotional activities.

One of the fascinating topics is the study of cognitive biases. The concept of a cognitive bias was introduced by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman — two prominent experts in the research of decision making — in 1974 and later became a popular topic around the world. …

Is it possible?

As a firm believer in a data-driven marketing approach, I’ve been asking myself and my colleagues this question many times in my professional career. Is it even possible to get some numbers to evaluate a “creative” part of a marketing campaign, for example, to quantify a cool idea and creative effectiveness of a commercial?

When I was attending the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (virtually😊) on June 22–26, 2020, I got information that can shed some light on this question.

James Hurman and Peter Field presented the results of the global study of ~5000 effectiveness award entrant and winner…

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